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Long Covid Rehabilitation

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Hi, I'm Holly!

My goal is to make sure that there is a service available to anyone with Long Covid who needs support with their recovery.


Millions of people are unable to continue their lives after having Covid-19 because of the symptoms of Long Covid they’ve been left with, many of which have left people unable to carry out activities of daily living, unable toreturn to work and unable to live their lives as they did before.

For most Long Covid sufferers, they have received little or no support from healthcare services, leaving them with no guidance towards recovery.

The NHS recovery programme is only available to those who have been referred,leaving no services for the large population who haven’t got access.

It’s time for this to change.

 I’m launching a specialist coaching service to help those who are suffering from Long Covid on their road torecovery and get their lives back.

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Rehabilitation Programme & Coaching

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